Striped butterfly fish

The delicate bluestripe butterflyfish is a Hawaiian endemic — species found only in the Hawaiian Islands. The coloration of this species is distinctive among Hawaiian butterflyfishes: 8 blue stripes run diagonally from head to tail; and there is no black vertical bar that masks the eye as in many other species. A black spot high on the head and another at the base of the tail may represent deceptive coloration by confusing the location of the eye. Single individuals are common on shallow reef and rocky shores, especially around the patches of sand or smooth bottom between boulders or coral. This day active species feeds on reef invertebrates, in particular the tentacles of tubeworms, as well as algae. Butterflyfishes are perhaps the most recognizable of reef fishes.
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Eightband butterflyfish

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Waikīkī Aquarium » Bluestripe Butterflyfish

License: CC By Attribution. Summary: A greyish butterflyfish with a bright yellow rim, and an orange band through the eye. Cite this page as: Dianne J. Inhabits coastal and offshore reefs, often on silty coastel reefs, including near river mouths. Feeding An obligate corallivore - feeds on coral polyps, although it can live in areas with sparse coral growth. Fisheries Although sold in the aquarium industry, this species rarely is difficult to maintain as it feeds on live corals. Species Citation Chaetodon aureofasciatus Macleay, , Proc.
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Human uses

Source: Andrew J. License: CC By Attribution. Cite this page as: Dianne J. Occurs elsewhere in the tropical, east-Indo-west-central Pacific.
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These small, flat, oval shaped reef fish have pointed snouts and sloping foreheads that flare out to spines and fins that encompass their profiles. Butterflyfish form pair bonds and are quite territorial. Common English names include banded butterflyfish , banded mariposa, butterbum, butterflyfish, portuguese butterfly, and school mistress.
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